Basic Charcuterie and Butchery

This course is aimed at the home hobbyist who wants to make their own bacon or have a go at curing a Chorizo or two. You may have a share in a pig or simply wish to buy from a local butcher. This is a great way to get an appreciation of what goes into curing and what you need to do it at home.

The course will be hands on and you will leave the day with a few notes and recipes as well as something to hang up at home to watch cure.

Location – The course will take place at Darts Farm Topsham

Course Content

This is an introduction course and you will leave having done the prep and made some charcuterie. This will not cover advanced techniques but there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss these skills with the Good Game team. There will be future courses to cover more advanced smoking and more advances Charcuterie/Salumeria. You my even find out the difference between a Salami, Saucisson and Chorizo.