I had a challenge set for me today. Last year I was asked to make food for a vegetarian, that I thought was a stretch. We managed it and the Cold Smoked hallumi, Tomato and Mushroom Burger has been on menus since for a while now, called the Herbivore.

Then Pete and I were asked to make Biltong, something neither of is are a fan of. It got a silver in Taste of the West. Gold next year I fancy.

Today I was asked to feed a 2 year old girl who has food issues and really only likes chicken dippers. I had to go to Tesco to buy them and I then found out what they are and what is in them. Not that bad but with 45% chicken I did wonder what the rest was.

I decided to make my own so here goes.

Take some chicken meat (I used turkey but to be honest it tasted like chicken).

Chuck it in a food processor on full blast, add some bread crumbs, a little salt and some crushed ice (do it in the food processor). Add a little bit of flour.

Leave it until you get an emulsified meat paste that is bright pink. Like the crap you see from a Mcdonalds nugget paste but no mechanically reclaimed meat here.

Fry blobs in a non stick pan and no oil. Push into flat goujons. Once cooked through cover them in breadcrumbs in the usual way then grill, bake or fry.

She ate them up no problem. No junk just turkey and water with a bit of gluten,

Job done.