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We have had another busy week getting ready for the Exeter Food Festival among other things. We have made somewhere in the region of 1000 Snack Salami/Chorizo as well as making sure the regular markets are running.

We’re also looking after our valued restaurants, pubs and shops so they get what they need and we have also managed to fit out another hanging room. It just means we are all pretty busy people these days and we have very understanding families!




Last Sunday we ran another Charcuterie Course at West Town Farm and it is such good fun to be working with people who are as excited about the charcuterie as we are. One thing that we really noticed is that the knowledge and passion is out there in a lot of people but we are often too worried about what might go wrong so we don’t try something new.


Now we are not suggesting complete abandonment of food safety and an attempt to mass poison your family with home made salami but there are basic safety measures you can take to minimise these risks. Also your nose and eyes are a pretty good barometer of rotten meat so you know when not to eat it! We’ll being doing a chorizo making Demo at the food fair on Sunday at noon in the Darts tent. Come along and find out.

Just take the leap and get on with it, if you have to throw away £10 of meat who cares at least you tried. Next time you’ll do a better job. I think this goes beyond Charcuterie!

I got some advice myself from one of the more senior gentlemen on the course. “When your boss is an absolute  A**  Wh**e and slave driver, then you find out you work for yourself, things will go well for you”.  Wise words I must say!


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Picture 236This Easter Break for a Good Friday Dinner we managed to BBQ some Devon Pork Ribs from West Town Farm on a BBQ we borrowed from Darts Farm accompanied by a glass of Red from Topsham Wine – Megga Lush as they say.

Saturday Brunch was Good Game Dry Cured Bacon, Good Game Pork and Black Pudding Sausages with a Quicks Cheese served in a Sheldon Bakery Bun. Mmmmmmmm

All this was accompanies by a Camper Coffee Cappuccino and an Espresso and Baileys Shot, from online coffee providers, see more at CorpCofe.com to find these providers for this.



For an early evening snack we managed a Good Game Pork and Venison Burger with more Quicks cheese, Dry Cured Bacon and an ISCA Dawlish Pale Ale. Dinner was at the Globe in Topsham – Diet later!

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A great afternoon at Killerton house for the farmers market. We even managed some time off on Monday to walk the dogs in the woods at Killerton then a few hours of packing and deer butchering ready for a busy week.

Can’t wait to meet lots of like minded folk at the food festival.