Good Game – Look at your Waist not your Waste

Native Breeds

Our work with Wenna and Ben at Powderham Farm is going well. We now have some Devon Lops with the kind help of Naomi and her breeding sows in Tavistock. This is a good traditional local Devon pig. We are hoping to be able to breed with them as well. They are so cute, only the thought of bacon will enable us to process them!

There was a great Farm Day with Ben and Wenna where we all had a chance to meet the Pigs and buy some of the excellent pork on offer. We look forward to future events with them all at the farm.

We will be using a Berkshire pig for the meat box this month. An excellent breed of pig for producing cooking cuts of meat like chops etc……..

Also we will have some prime Devon Ruby Red Beef to go with the pork.

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Our Project for this month – “Waist not Waste”

We have been working on using our waste to add to our waist. This is a new initiative that was born from our increasing frustration of seeing hunters and parkland deer managers throw away the whole gralloch (Guts and Offal) from high quality Deer when dispatched. This means we lost the Heart and Liver which are two great cuts from a Deer. Also when we are processing the larger fat pigs there is a large amount of Flick/Flair fat on the animal. This fat can really only be used to make Lard.As a result we have developed and Game Liver Pate, combining the venison liver and heart with rare breed pigs liver and heart to produce a game pate.

We are also using the lard to confit some pork meat and then mixing it with the lard to produce a traditional Rillette.

Both of these are a great way to remove the waste we are seeing and produce a product that is very calorific to aid in the increase of your waist. (I am sure to mix these two up before the end of this section!)

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Events coming up –

“On the Game”

In March and April we will be attending the following events”

  • 14th and 15th March – Budleigh Food Festival
  • 21st and 22nd March – Westcountry Game Fair (Bath and West Show Ground)
  • 21st and 22nd March – Catering at RockSolid Race in Escot Park
  • 5th April – Frome Independant Steet Market
  • 24th April – Exeter Food Festival

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