The Good Gamers managed to have a good break over the Christmas period after a very busy Christmas and build up to it. Willow spent most of December surrounded by hampers and packing material!

We had a great first year in 2013 and we are all very pleased with what Good Game achieved. It wasn’t easy and sometimes we did wonder why we had turned a great hobby into something that kept us working until gone midnight. All trying to hold down jobs at the same time has made it a stretch. We have now got some great products that we have developed and built up some fantastic loyal customers. I have yet to meet anyone who built a business and talks about how easy it was at the beginning.

We have spent the Christmas period getting a new prep room and butchers room and we can’t wait to get Dennis in there making a mess. We now have a permanent base in the Clyst Valley. It wont be the same as the original Rabbatoire as we now can’t just pop into the house to get a cup of tea or to sit down to dinner together after work. We will still be hanging the sausages in Topsham and Clyst st George so we can get that Exe air through them. I wonder if the Clyst air will be up the standard we require for the future?

We have seen the launch of our South African Range now so this year the Biltong, Boereworst  and droewors will be very popular and we are already struggling to keep up with demand for Biltong.

We have also found a great partner in Burrows Farm who are supplying us with spectacular Ruby Red Beef to make our Biltong. We have also started work on the Ruby Red Burger with Horseradish and Devon Cheese. Richie Baxters cows that Burrows Farm bring on are so good. We had a forerib of beef as a pre Christmas lunch treat and it was one of the best I have ever tried. This joint of meat even made it into the Express and Echo as one of the Chiefs was holding it on a promo photo shoot for the opening of the shop on Cowick Street.  


Steven Slade from Rosamondford Farm has been a great support with land for shooting much needed rabbits and the chance to sell a few of his Turkeys at Christmas. Nigella and Dolly were on the stall throughout December and graced the Good Game table on Christmas Day. Turkey crown that was brined then roasted with boned and rolled legs stuffed in 3 ways (Chorizo, Pork and Black Pudding and Venison). Wait for the recipes for Christmas 2014.

Pipers Farm have been supportive and we hope we have helped get the message out there about using quality food. We have been using their back fat and lardo throughout the year and it is a pleasure to work with such experienced and knowledgeable people. We loved the presentation we did at the Powderham Food Festival and to share a stage with Peter Greig was an honour. Some of the press promo was a little embarrassing!


Kenniford Farm have kept us in pork all this year and the input from Noel the butcher has been wonderful. We’ve learned a lot this year and the support of Andrew and Noel has been key. I must confess in the early days I was sceptical about working with a commercial breed of pig but what I have learned this year is while they grow quicker etc…. if you feed them right with quality food and you look after them you get a great pig and great pork. I challenge anyone to try our Coppa ham made with one of Andrews pigs and then try one we have made from a rare breed then make a comment. We have realised it’s about how it lives, how you butcher it and then the important detail and love in the curing process.

Geoff at Pebblebed has been fantastic in his support. If there is anything Geoff can do to help he will. We have run a couple of events together and I wish more business owners had that desire to help other local business flourish.

launch 4

We thank John “The Black Pig Guy” for the pork he was able to supply us in December. We got the chance to make some air dried ham’s with his Devon Black which is born and breed on Woodbury Common. This was a privilege and we hope to do a lot more of this.

Mark at Wild Hart Artisan you have got some fantastic Fallow from Dartmoor that is a pleasure to work with. We look forward to a lot more this year.

Westown Farm  in Ide you have been a great support and we are really looking forward to running courses with you in 2014 sharing our passion for butchery and charcuterie with you all.

Everyone who has bough something from Good Game we thank you and hope to continue to provide for you this year.

There are a few things to look out for in early 2014: 

  • Salami and Pepperoni running at 7am in Topsham – Got to work off that sausage somehow.
  • The return of Frankenfurters Land Rover and her new .410 ‘El Toro’ – Look out Rabbits.
  • Dan and Hev taking the markets by storm – expect to see us pop up at every music festival and food festival in the south west.
  • Trade Business – We want to increase the customers we have in trade so you can enjoy the produce in pubs and restaurants in the area.
  • Good Game Snacks – Snack Salami and Biltong,,, yum yum yum
  • Good Game Meat Box Scheme – We want the good people of Topsham and Exeter to be able to get a monthly delivery from us so you can have your Good Game Burgers, Bangers and Charcuterie at home.