Well we had a great weekend at the Exeter Street Food Market. It’s exciting for us to see our regular customers returning and telling us how they have  used our sausages.

We try each week to prepare a good meal on the market stall, we test this out, firstly on our staff then we roll it out to you guys. this week we made a really simple meal just using our Devon Fire Chorizo, some black pepper, mozzarella  and a chibatta roll. the results were spectacular and our helper for the day “Habinero Hev” gave it 10/10. 







Then on Sunday, we were involved with the Hospice care hog roast at Pebble vinyards. Despite the frequent rain showers every one had a good time, and much pig was consumed. Jim, did all the carving and ensured every roll served was stacked with pork, stuffing , apple sauce and healthy dollop of sarcasm.


This week we have finalised the designs for our new t-shirts,  these will be on the Good Game Gear page of our website soon.

We have a fairly steady week ahead, but things are getting busy as we prepare to open another market stall down in Seaton farmers market in two weeks time.


have a great week,

Pepperoni Pete and   Salami Steve