We have been lucky enough to get in front of the camera twice recently and the results have been brilliant. It’s all in the edit apparently.


Alex Ledger filmed us for Topsham TV talking about life on the Game and the Topsham sausage. This was great fun and made us think a lot about our business and the important values we have in it. Something we seem to keep coming back to when we are talking is working with local companies who share our values and doing things because they just feel right. I am sure you won’t read that in any management book, well you will when we make one! We have been thinking about our values: worthwhile work, a shared goal and constant encouragement. This is what seems right to us at the moment. Thanks Alex for making us think.


You can watch the video here http://youtu.be/ckKbhh5KP88


Colourburn also did some filming at the Exeter Food Festival and were kind enough to edit some of the footage for us to make this great short film. I think they really captured the way Pete and I work together and how we feel about what we do. Great work and we really look forward to working with you in the future.

Watch it here http://youtu.be/gtoV7jCubEM





Our Project for this month We are working on a new sausage this month and we are hoping it will be a big hit. The Devon Frank a Haute Dog. This is your all American awful hot dog sausage except it is made with prime Devon pork and no additives. It has its first outing on 4th July at Exeter Uni and on the 5th July at Taste Street Food in Tiverton. This is a great project and we have Eat The Smoke to thank for talking to us about making Frankfurters. Thanks for working with us and sharing our values.



What on for Good Gamers in July 1166Hog and Grogg There will also be the first http://www.grazeandflavour.co.uk/day taking place on Sunday 2oth July. Make Beer, Cut up pig, cook food and make chorizo. What more would you want to do! Booking from here www.grazeandflavour.co.uk/







Sunday 29th July is the first Charcuterie course at Darts Farm so we look forward to this event.  book here In early July you will be able to get a cracking breakfast of TOTW silver medal Pork and Black Pudding Sausages and Large Black Back Bacon with fresh Eggs from Rosemonford farm. Unfortunately you can only get this if you are at Henley Regatta! All of the students and staff at Exeter University will be able to celebrate independence day with is on 4th July with a cracking menu for the day:

  • The Devon Frank Haute Dog with a Devon Hotdog bun
  • Wild Venison Burger with BBQ Pulled Pork Sauce

If you are in Tiverton at the Pannier Market on Saturday 5th July you will be able to dine out with Venison Burgers and Pork, The Devon Frank Haute Dog and Black Pudding Sausages at the usual place in the Taste Market. On the 12th and 13th July we shall be in Topsham with the Slow Food Devon Market on Saturday on the quay, Street food in the evening and a music festival from the Lighter. Sunday is the Nello’s longest table so all good games will have a day off to enjoy the festivities. We’re cooking at the Bay Horse in Totnes on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th and this time we will have Tikka Pannier kebabs and Smoked Halumi for our non meat eating friends. There will be plenty for the meat eaters to indulge in.


Saturday 27th July is the Totnes show and we will have a food stand as well as a producer’s stand there.


We also have a new shop selling our fresh sausages in Exeter so if you are passing the real food store please pop in and buy some www.realfoodexeter.co.uk. Pete and Steve will be at the store on Saturday 26th for tastings and selling cooked food.


Topsham Beer & Bacon Fest LogoTopsham Beer and Bacon Festival


September 20th and 21st Topsham Rugby Club Just £5 a ticket book now Get booking your tickets now for the Topsham Beer and Bacon Festival in September and tickets online at www.good-game.co.uk