This week as a tribute to my mum I cooked up an old family classic I remember from my youth. Sausage stew with pinapple and baked beans.  Another classic added to our BBQ Market lunch time specials.

Simple list of ingredients:

 Picture 522

and the results

Picture 525


It was not such a nice day on Friday but we did get to welcom Dan and Heather or Habanaro Hev and Dan the Sausage Man as they will now be know. They did a great job running the stall on Friday and we look forward to seeing them more often. Saturday was a cracking day and we just about held off the rain. We had our new display and Bella came to help us out for the afternoon. Great day.


Picture 524  

Next week we are looking forward to rolling out the Rabbit Salami and a new batch of Chocolate Habanero Chorizo.