Welcome to out first blog. Interesting weekend in so many ways for the Good Game team. We had the first event ‘The Chorizo Launch’ and this was a chance for many of you to try the Good Game Chorizo although the star of the show turned out to be the Italian Coppa. We were showing: Topsham Chorizo, Chocolate Habanero, Ghost, Super Host and Devon Fire. We were looking for your help to decide what we should enter into the Taste of The West Food awards and I think the decider may well be the Venison Salami with Rabbit a close second. We’d love to enter the Coppa but we think it’s not Game and the first public recognition should be a game product.

Pete, Steve and Jim would love to thank everyone who helped get the event running and such good fun a big thanks to you all. Geoff @Pebblebed for the venue and the tasting, what a great combo.  The friends of Goode Game: Willow, Alex, Dan, Bella and everyone else who was giving a helping had. Frankee and Heather for supervising Slowly (One of the Good Game team who will be having puppies this week) back in Good Game HQ.

We managed to raise just under two hundred pounds for Macmillan in the raffle.

We have a busy week and we are looking forward to out first fresh sausage delivery to The Kitchen Deli, prep for a market all day Saturday and the Topsham Town Fayre on Saturday afternoon. We shall be making Coppa, Salami, Venison Salami and Chorizo this week.

We are also expecting a delivery from West Town Farm this week so Beef Breseola and Biltong will be on the menu.

Thanks all and we look forward to sharing good food with you all soon.

Have a Good Week.

Pepperoni Pete, Salami Steve and Jim the Spiritual Guru.