This was a fantastic week at Good Game HQ and a great weekend. Salami returned from a research trip in Northern Spain. I tried to sneak a little Iberico into my bike panniers and managed to get it through customs without interference. What I can say about the Gallic coast is that it is some of the best biking I have ever seen. They do however have a bit to learn about charcuterie to catch up with us Brits. Not one Rabbit salami in sight!

We had to be ready for the Powdeham food festival where  Peperoni and Salami were talking about meat curing along with Peter Grigg from Pipers  Farm and Ben from the Magdalen Chapter.  This was a great talk about the delights of meat preservation and it’s history back in Roman times and how we can all make Rillets and potted meat at home. The stand looked great and we really stood out.


The Ham duel was a lot less competative than expected and nothing like a broke back mountain theme that the press would have you believe.


 We handed over to the Incredible Spice men who were nearly as entertaining as us but they were complementary about our Rabbit Salami.

spice men

Powderham also saw us release the Vindaloo burger which we plan to turn into a sausage very soon. We were pleased with the feedback on our produce and especially pleased with the Feedback on the Gluten Free range we now have.