Another busy week for the good gamers with our first street food evening taking place in Tiverton on Saturday night, we made sure to play lots of games. This  was such a hit with the locals and stall holders and it is so nice to see families out in the early evening and more revellers enjoying the Bar and music later on.


We had the pleasure of meeting Duncan and Hannah from Partridge Farm while we were there and discussing the fine stock of animals they have and the Charcuterie they have been able to do with some excellent rare bread pork. It was my pleasure to show them our Large Black Air Dried Ham. I can’t wait to try it in 2015! Come on the Topsham Black Ham I am sure we will be getting a PGI in a few years time.

We also had a good chat with Nick the Blueberry man and I think you may well see a Blueberry Sausage on the horizon for a special occasion. His new “Blueberry and Pepper Chutney” went amazingly well with our Pork and Venison Sausages. Can’t wait for this one to go on sales Nick.

I was also so please Lemon Jelli made the long trip up from the NAbbot in the Citron; it was great to see you there.

Late night shopping in Exeter, Night Market, small traders sharing produce and lots of people making their own charcuterie is a pleasure to see. We are becoming more and more European, in the best ways.

Picture 212Most of our time right now is devoted to getting ready for the Exeter Food Festival and making sure we have enough of out fine salamis and Chorizo ready for everyone. This is not an easy task as we don’t have enough space and the weather is so humid they will take longer to dry out. The thought of a massive temperature controlled room sounds appealing but we don’t think that is best and we have to accept every batch is different. Think of Good Game Charcuterie as a fine French wine and every year is different, some are vintage and some are not. I would rather have this than the mass produced wines we get from some places that taste the same every time and lack character.

This week we look forward to hosting our next Charcuterie course at West Town Farm, Ide on Sunday and we are happy it’s a sell out. We will also be getting a side of Oxford Sandy and Black to work with; this is a first for me.

Looking forward to a good week, entries in for Taste of the West and 3 weeks until Exeter Food Festival!