2014-05-17 13.12.12 Good Game has had another interesting week this week.

 We were pack at Plymouth Uni on Thursday for a great day out and serving up  some Venison Burgers to the hungry students. We’re looking forward to this being  a more regular event.

Continuing with our Vegi theme from last week we had a Vegi Lunch on Saturday while at Killerton House. Cucumber sarni with local butter and pickled eggs. It was very nice indeed and quite refreshing in the sun.  Good job I had a bacon bap for breakfast so we did not go full vegi as I am worried there may be no way back!




On Saturday we had a great afternoon in Killerton house sunning our selves with old friends Camper Coffee and JJ @ Kumbites. We also met some new friends who gave us some great Chilli Jam and Pickled Eggs.

Saturday evening was a Beer tasting lecture with Ben from The Beer Experience in Exeter. We had a nice snack between the beers with some Quicks Smoked Cheese, Pickled Eggs and Our Chorizo.



Last week we also had an event with Graze and Flavour where we did a small bit of sausage making and pig butchering along with a wine tasting at Pebblebed. Great fun and we are looking forward to launching Man Day for a small intimate group we’ll do all the things men need to do on a Sunday: Eat Bacon, Shoot a gun, make beer, cut up pig, make sausages, make chorizo, eat a BBQ lunch, smoke food and drink beer (after shooting and knife work!).  I can not wait. We are planning this at the moment so will keep you all posted.

The BBQ and Smoker is getting a lot of use now and this week we managed 2 beer can chickens on the charcoal ProQ smoker and we put a silverside in the Bradley for a 4 hour hot smoke with salt pepper and chipotle.


2014-05-14 19.14.002014-05-14 19.11.56



Looking forward to the Devon County Show this week and you will be able to find us in the Darts Tent with Nick from the bluberry Bros and Midfields Granola. We are also entering the butchers sausage competition with a plain breakfast sausage (West Town Farm are giving us some OSB especially) and our award winning Pork and Black Pudding Sausage made this week with a mix of Organic OSB and Ironage Pigs. Thanks to Andy at the Wild Meat Company for the Ironage.