It’s been quite a while since we wrote our last entry into the Good Game blog which indicates how much we have been up to since mid June. In the last 3 months we have managed to do loads.

We continue working with Exeter University and the Taste Street Food Markets which continue to be excellent fun. There was the launch of the first night street food market in Exeter which was a great success. Please vote for us in the taste market awards

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We helped to regenerate the Slow Food Topsham market the day before Nello’s longest table and then in the evening we had a real celebration of street food and music in conjunction with Stuart at the Lighter on the Quay. This was an amazing event and it really reminded us the importance of the community and making sure we shop local. The talk of an Aldi being built in Topsham got us thinking.



Aldi or no Aldi WE are all responsible for the demise or growth of the Topsham or any high st. We may like lifestyle and charity shops and the reason we have a few of them is they are the only people who can afford to pay the rent and rates in a town these days. We need lifestyle shops to bring people to Topsham and we need variety too.  Companies like Tesco take over the town centers because small businesses can’t pay the rent and the rates.

Here is my vision for Topsham High St but it will work in all of them.
1) Everyone in Topsham should go to Topsham wine and buy at least 1 bottle of wine once a month. The lowest cost one will give you change for a fiver and you get to drink it. This way we don’t have to moan and complain if it goes out of business and Costa move in.

2) Go to Arthurs and buy a chicken (We did yesterday). I know it’s about £5 more than one in Tesco for £2,99. Why not make a whole chicken last for 3 meals? Chicken Breast for 2 people, Chicken Soup for lunch from the bones and left over’s and Chicken Thigh and Drumstick for BBQ or a curry. If not a chicken half a pound of chipolatas (I think they are excellent and I make sausages every week!) 

3) Buy some vegetables or fruit once a week from Richards. They are very good and extremely reasonably priced. He is the only shop where I can get good fresh horseradish, an excellent selection of fresh chilli and a variety of herbs for asian cooking. IN TOPSHAM!

4) Buy a small lump of cheese once a month etc…….

5) Buy something in the Deli, the bread is fresh every day and excellent.
I think you can get the point, even if everyone just visits one of the local shops once a month then this will help. This is what we can all do. Topsham has a population of 5000 people so if we take out those too young to shop we may have 3000 potential shoppers which could give us an extra £15,000 a month into the independent traders in Topsham. I am not sure how many there are exactly but I am sure they will appreciate this as extra income.
As for the people who run and control it please can we see more and better rate relief for local businesses. If a Devon business can’t afford to rent a shop and pay the local business rates leaving it open for Costa, Tesco etc…… then local Government let them off paying rates and guess what we will have more better, bigger local businesses employing more people etc….

I suspect we can’t stop the Aldi’s coming and we may even wish to shop there but if we do let’s all pay the Aldi tax and go and buy something from an independent trader in Topsham every month.

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We celebrated the 4th of July at Exeter Uni with the Devon Frank Haute Dog. This is our own made Frankfurter Sausage from prime Devon pork. This is a real hit and you can expect it to be a regular. It does have a shelf life and we can’t sell it in a tin of brine but it tastes amazing.

August saw us attending some great village and town shows and some of them were excellent. The feel of the Chagford show where they support the local traders with local produce was something that has been lost in so many of the bigger and more corporate county shows and we really loved being there.

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During August we were able to get our first taste of the export market from our friends at Cannon and Cannon. We are now selling our Rabbit Salami on their stands in Borough Market and around London. It’s great to think that our Wild shot Rabbits and free range pork are being enjoyed outside of Devon too.


There have been some new additions to the Good Game Team and we are pleased to be getting some help From Richard who trained under Dennis his dad for many years. They have not worked together since Dennis retired so we are very pleased that he finally has his apprentice back! We also has Liam Richards boy working one day so the 3 generations where there in force. Sally was still in charge though.

Also a new member to the team is someone who should contribute a great deal is the Subaaruu (auzzie Droole) who has already been pulling her weight around the place. She’s a little bit worn out, got an eye missing and doesn’t quite work that well first thing in the morning but fits right in.

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We also welcomed the ProQ BBQ to the team and this has worked a treat with the help of Mac’s BBQ and Hot Smoked. Amazing work.

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In early September we were lucky enough to help Geoff form Pebblebed with his first Music and Wine Festival on the farm at the Vineyard. This was as wonderful day and with all the traders in the courtyard and the excellent food and wine on offer I really felt like I was at an event in France or somewhere like that. A cracking event and a good fund raiser for Hospicecare.


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Good Game with the help of Rees from the Beer Temple and Dave from Brooklands managed to pull off the first Topsham Beer and Bacon Festival #TBBF2014 at Topsham Rugby Club. This was a great day with street food, live music and more than 30 barrels of real ale to consume. The photos show how much fun the two day event was and we are really looking forward to #TBBF2015



We have Weston Super-Mare Food Festival on 27th and 28th September and the Powderham Food Festival on 4th October that will be wonderful days out. We are unleashing a new menu for Powderham so look out.

East Coast Meets West Country

Low and Sloe Venison – Slow cooked Haunch of venison. This is a haunch of wild Devon venison barbed with Lardo (Cured Pork fat) then marinaded in Sloe Berried and Fruit juices and cured to soften the meat. The Haunch is then cooked low and slow over a charcoal BBQ for 4-5 hours.


The Smokey Doe – A Wild Venison Burger with the addition of good quality Devon pork and the Good Game spice blend. This burger is served with home made smoked Panchetta or Guanciale (cured Pigs Cheek) and a 6 hour cold smoked cheese. Topped off with a tomato relish or a home made Habanero and chipotle smoked chilli sauce.


The Devon Frank – A home made cold smoked Frankfurter served with Onions, Frenchiees Mustard and Ketchup. Only the finest cuts of Pork are used before poaching and smoking for 6 hours. Traditional American Hotdog done our way.


The Herbivore – A BBQ Portobello mushroom served with a cold smoked halumi and beef tomato. Topped off with the Good Game Habanero and Chipottle Smoked Chilli Sauce.