Last week was the first course we set for 2014 covering Butchery and Charcuterie. We worked with West Town Farm in Ide to deliver a great day where we worked with every bit a a rare breed Pig.  We really enjoyed sharing some of these forgotten skills and we hope to get people back in the kitchen making a few of your own cured produce. Nothing beats home dry cured bacon, it’s just not comparable to shop bought produce.

7 people joined us to learn the art of Sausage and Salami making. We were working with a whole side of Pork and managed to show all the main cuts in a proper hands on experience starting from a whole pig.

 course 3

 Everyone left the day with some good basic skills, fresh sausages and a curing sausage to look after for the next 6 weeks. We have a date for the next course, 13th April.

We have started attending the Farmers Market at the University in Exeter (every other Friday) and we shall be at Plymouth University next week for a street food market.