This week was a mixture of experiences. We started the week off by getting ready for a pitch in the Darts Farm Tepee and helping them with the Devon County Show. At the start of the week we also had our first visit from our new EHO for the East Devon Area. I must say it wasn’t anywhere near as constructive of helpful as we have experienced from Exeter so we were left feeling a little bit worried about how this relationship will go.  Since then and a number of product tests all coming back fine I think the relationship may well continue positively. I do hope so.

The County show also came with some mixed emotions. Good to catch up with people who we don’t see from show to show and share war stories. We managed to chat to the right people and ensure we can have a pitch in the food tent next year once we could explain that we produce a product within 1 mile of the show ground so this should be a market we can sell in.  

A great time in the Darts tent helping with the sausage making and talking to the customers. Friday however saw some very disturbing news for everyone but we where also told by the sausage judge our products where not up to scratch! Turns out you need 6 not 4 sausages in a pound, gluten free sausages are not on they must contain bread, if you slow cook a sausage for 45 minutes and lightly brown it then it’s not cooked and can’t be eaten, pink meat in a venison sausage means it’s raw and rare bread pork tastes too porky for a sausage. I guess we need to re think how we make our rare breed gluten free sausage if we want to win any competitions! Oh well as you can tell we are not bitter at all about this experience.

We managed to spend some time on Thursday working with Nick from the Blueberry Bros making a Blueberry and Maple Syrup Sausage. I think we managed a great breakfast sausage there. Look out for this in the future.


It was such a shame that the show was cancelled on Saturday and we were sad for the organisers and all the vendors who spent so much time planning for this event.


We managed to have a proper day off on Sunday, dog walking and a north African inspired BBQ. I actually managed to make sausages at home for us to eat. It must have been 12 months since I did that! Merguez and they were lush. I shall be trying them with Venison I think. A 4 hour cooked Lamb shoulder in the ProQ was amazing. It was enjoyed by all.




topsham music 2


The bank holiday weekend saw two firsts for us, we ran the BBQ at the Lighter on Monday for the first Topsham Music festival. The event was a real success and we look forward to next year and all future events. We also agreed that on the 21st September Topsham Rugby Club can hosts the inaugural Topsham Beer and Bacon Festival. We shall be organising this with our good friend Rees from the Beer Temple. Details to follow.






It’s so nice to see the community getting together for an event like this and we can’t wait for the Slow Food Devon Food Market and Street Food Market on July 12th.

We are looking forward to another week and the Dartington Food Festival at the weekend.