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Give the gift of meat to; someone you love, a friend, someone you are saying sorry to or a vegan you don’t like. Make someone a meaty member. Or just enjoy your own meaty member privileges.

Our Philosophy

Everything we do is by hand, like true artisans. We have a range that we cure using only salt and natural Exe air in these we use no nitrates or nitrites, please the special area to buy these. We also have a range made in the traditional fashion with a minimal amount of nitrite added as a preservative. We do it all the traditional old fashioned way. Like true Artisans in the correct sense of the word. In 2017 we also started to produce Organic Products to add to our portfolio.

Good Game supports local producers and native breeds. We source our pork from selected free range producers with exceptional welfare standards. We are true artisans and very proud of what we do. Our mission is to make the best tasting game and cured meat in the world and we are now winning awards for it.


On a number of accasions we have been lucky enough to attract the support of the EU via Make it Local. This matched funding has enabled us to grow and feel financially supported thanks to EU money. 



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